Demo Program

Merchant of Tennis Demo Program

At Merchant of Tennis we offer one of the most comprehensive Demo Program in Australia, and its Free*. We believe in try it before you buy it especially when it comes to your Tennis Racquet.

To make things easier, if you can't make it to our store, we can ship it to you as well, the only thing you pay for is the freight charges.

NOTE : Shipping Cost would not be applied as credit to your racquet purchase.


On our website, we have a section for Demo Racquets, there you can choose and proceed with the checkout.

For Each Demo Racquet, we would charge of the full listed price of the racquet  would be placed on your credit card.  (Plus any applicable Freight cost if purchased online)

Upon Return of the demo racquet  $20 (Plus any applicable  Freight cost if purchased online) would be taken out of the credit charge for each Demo Racquet, and a credit of $20 for each Demo Racquet would be credited to your account which can be used for the purchase of the Tennis Racquet (credit would expire a year from the return date and can only be used for the purchase of the Tennis Racquet)

The customer accepts full liability for the racquet and the racquet must be returned in an acceptable condition; if the demo racquet is returned in a condition which is deemed by Everything Tennis to be damaged, (Listed Price of the Demo Racquet would be deducted from the pre-authroized charged)

Merchant of Tennis will supply the demo racquet in good condition and strung with reasonable good strings (In Store Customer would be able to inspect the racquet before taken it, for online cusotmers, if there are any issues, please contact us and email us an image of the condition of the racquets no later then 1 day after you have received the demo racquets);

If a string is broken during testing of the demo racquet, please contact us to authorise restringing; under no circumstance are you to have the racquet restrung without our prior approval.



We want to give everyone the opportunity to demo our racquets, so we have a 7 days policy. A late fee is applicable and charged at $5.00 per day, and if you are more than 7 days late and we cannot reach you, then we will charge your credit card for the full listed price of the racquets.